Phil Coyne - Pirate's Event Staff

May, 2011


Phil helping Fans with their questions
This month the BuccoZone was excited to interview Pirate's Event Staff Employee, Phil Coyne. You can find Phil helping to seat fans and answering all their questions in the baseline box sections 26 and 27. Phil began working the stands at Pirates games at Forbes Field in 1936. He has seen the careers of many of the Pirate Greats like the Waner brothers, Ralph Kiner, Roberto Clemente, and Willie Stargell just to mention a few.


BuccoZone: How old are you now Phil?
Phil: I am 93 years old, born on April 27, 1918.

BuccoZone: Were you born and raised in the Pittsburgh Area?
Phil: Yes Sir, I was born in Pittsburgh in the Oakland Area.

BuccoZone: What did you do for a living besides working for the Pirates?
Phil: I worked for Westinghouse Airbrake for 40 years.

BuccoZone: You were seven years old when the Pirates won the 1925 World Series, do you remember any of it?
Phil: No, I remember starting to watch when the Waner brothers and Pie Traynor played for the Pirates.

BuccoZone: You have seen so many Pirates Players play, and some, you've seen their entire careers in your lifetime. You have watched players like Bob Walk and Steve Blass who are now up in the broadcasting booth. Bob and Steve are always looking for things to talk about, have they ever come down here and talked to you about all that you have seen in your days?
Phil: (Phil laughing) ah No!
BuccoZone: Well with all that you have seen they should, I am sure you could tell them alot of Pirate Stories!

BuccoZone: Who is your favorite overall baseball player?
Phil: I would have to say Willie Mays.

BuccoZone: Who is your favorite alltime Pirate Player?
Phil: It would have to be between Ralph Kiner and Roberto Clemente.

BuccoZone: Phil, you're 93 now, do you still look forward to working here everyday during the Pirate Games?
Phil: Yes, Yes I do!

BuccoZone: What do you do during your days off? Have any hobbies like fishing, golfing, chasing wild women?
Phil: (laughing) Ah no, I stay being good that how I got to be 93!

BuccoZone: It was a pleasure talking with you Phil, and we will see you during the next Pirates Homestand!